CSR Partner – BOSCH Bridge – Valliappa Foundation

The CSR initiatives, of a particular organization, have always been considered to be the identity of that particular organization, beyond just business acquaintance. It is the activities, undertaken by the company, under its Corporate Social Responsibilities initiatives, that can propel the company, to become a globally renowned enterprise. However, for this to happen, a CSR Partner of real substance is a major requirement. That’s where, The Valliappa Foundation, the CSR initiative of the prestigious, “The Sona Group”, has been hugely successful in achieving. Adding real value to its list of illustrious CSR Partners is BOSCH, One of the globally acclaimed, German industry major, into engineering and electronics.

The last ten decades has seen Bosch, emerge as one of the world’s major resource for, niche technology driven, Industrial and Electronic products. In addition to the above, Bosch pays a major role in the consumer goods as well as energy building sectors. A Large section of the population in India still continues to face an uncertain future due to various reasons. Prominent one being lack of proper education facilities as well as quality teachers. This has seen an alarming increase in the percentage of students, who tend to drop out of school and tread on a different path which is unsecured and uncertain.

The Valliappa Foundation has set an example, with its matured and quality driven approach, to take care of the underprivileged and supporting us immensely in these activities, is Bosch.

The Bosch – Bridge is a CSR initiative of Bosch, and is an exquisite contribution, as Bosch’s Response to India’s development and growth through employability enhancement. With an aim for the upliftment of School drop outs, by providing them with adequate skill based training in soft skills, personality development, computer skills, communication skills as well as on the job-training, the Valliappa Foundation – Bosch- Bridge initiative is a complete program, designed to enhance student education and improving their employability prospects.

The Training session will be conducted by BOSCH through their Bridge Centres. At the moment, The Valliappa Foundation – SonaYukti combine, have their well-equipped, training centres at Ponnamaravathi, Krishnagiri and Salem districts, of the State of Tamil Nadu, in India.

The Valliappa Foundation – Bosch Bridge joint CSR initiative is a fabulous step forward, in creating hope for the richly deserved.