CSR Partner – Toyota – Valliappa Foundation

One of the key focuses of The Valliappa Foundation has been to improve the quality of education, to students and career aspirants, across all sections of the society, so that they can improve their chances of getting a decent livelihood. To contribute to The Valliappa Foundation’s noble causes, many reputed Industry Stalwarts have come forward and one amongst them is Toyota, one of the biggest Automobile Manufacturers, in the whole world, especially passenger cars.

Toyota is based out of Japan and has been clinical in their processes involving the manufacturing of passenger cars. Toyota continues to be one of the largest passenger vehicles with more than 10 million vehicles, being sold till the end of year 2017.

Shri. Chockalingam Vidyala Primary and High School, based at Hejjala, in the State of Karnataka, is another notable contribution from The Valliappa Foundation, towards enhancing the quality of education and since the year 2011, we have been extremely fortunate to have had the excellent backing and support of Toyota.

In addition to imparting education, Toyota also continues to contribute towards the availability of basic amenities towards the education process as well as infrastructure development. The Valliappa Foundation – Toyota joint CSR initiative is an incredible step forward, in taking education in India to the next level and removes unemployment from the grass root level.