Valliappa Foundation Launched Anadhanam – Digital Platform to Resolve Global Hunger

Valliappa Foundation launched Anadhanam digital platform that aims to resolve the global hunger issue through efficient food redistribution. Chocko Valliappa, Managing Trustee of Valliappa Foundation, launched Anadhanam on 29th September 2020, which is regarded as the International Day of Awareness on Food Loss and Waste Reduction.

This platform was built by Valliappa Foundation to provide a stable technology backbone that helps to amplify the efforts of government agencies and NGOs. Anadhanam helps the NGOs to identify hunger hotspots and Below Poverty Line (BPL) zones and also helps government agencies to geographically quantify their efforts. Using this platform, NGOs can easily connect with each other and with the other regional agencies to fortify their efforts towards serving the hungry.

This well-established connection between the providers, volunteers and logistics partners serves as the best collective efforts to ensure better management of excess food and efficient food redistribution. Furthermore, the digital platform also supports cause-driven campaigns to spread awareness and raise funds.