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A Safe Leadership team builds trust and The Sona Group. enjoys the privilege of being governed by an exquisite, determined and dynamic Board of Trustees, as a part of its Leadership team. The Board of Trustees and the Leadership team have led by example, to drive The Sona Group, to the position, what it enjoys today, globally.

V. Chockalingam (Chocko) - Managing Trustee

Chocko Valliappa is the inspirational force behind Valliappa Foundation. Thanks to a wide range of exposure to new technology and software throughout the years, Chocko has accumulated vast experience in developing and exploring technologies. As an integral part of the Sona Valliappa Group, Chocko has played a pivotal role in the group's progress and success throughout the years.

Chocko is a dynamic leader with great business acumen. Chocko founded Valliappa Foundation in 2000. He has led Valliappa Foundation to grow in strength to emerge as one of India's largest companies in the strategic services business. His innovative approach has positioned the organization as a fast growing one with value addition for the clients. Chocko also has a great passion for empowering the community. With this aim in mind, he established Sona Yukti Pvt. Ltd., which provides skill-based training with a strong industry focus. He is also the Vice Chairman of Sona College. With his varied experience in education, industry-focused skill development, technology, and a traditional industry background, he is guiding Valliappa Foundation to reach the heights of success on a global scale.

He has held key positions in administration, international business and operations, corporate affairs, strategic planning and marketing, and planning of corporate policies. Chocko possesses an in-depth knowledge of European, Asian, & Pan American markets and a comprehensive expertise in forging alliances and joint ventures of strategic importance. Chocko is one of the founding members of the YEO Bangalore chapter.

Shri. C. Valliappa – Trustee

Mr. C. Valliappa has been the brain, behind the successful journey of The Sona Group. As the Chairman of the group, Mr. Valliappa has displayed exemplary leadership qualities and lead from the front, to guide the Sona Group, to a position of great strength and Global recognition. Mr. Valliappa, a well-known and respected industrialist in South India, was instrumental in putting India on the Information Technology Map, with adequate co-operation from Texas Instruments. Having held topmost positions as the President of Greater Mysore Chamber of Commerce and Industries and The Federation of Karnataka Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Mr. Valliappa, received the rare honour of being invited as a guest, to visit the White House, in the United States and explore more in-depth opportunities, to improve Indo-US business partnership.

Smt. Seetha Valliappa – Trustee

Mrs. Seetha Valliappa, has been one of the strongest pillars, since the inception of The Sona Group, and has made a huge impact, to the growth of the Organization. As a Trustee Member, Mrs. Seetha has dedicated her entire time towards women empowerment and set and led by example, towards guiding The Sona Group, in becoming an equal opportunity employer. Mrs. Seetha Valliappa strongly believes and supports women empowerment in developing countries like India and feels that women have a major role to play in extending their talent and brilliance, in major sectors, like education, family, sports, healthcare, economics and technology. Mrs. Seetha continues to play a commendable role in educating women, especially who are underprivileged, physically and economically challenged, coming from a rural background and single parent women and has succeeded in instilling greater confidence amongst them.