Enroll in AR Caller Training - One of the Training to Boost Your Career

Enroll in AR Caller Training - One of the Training to Boost Your Career

It is easy for the millennials and Gen Zers to get confused in choosing their career. There are numerous options to choose from, which is overwhelming most of the time. Anyone with a life science background should think about AR Caller job prospects, though any graduate can flourish in this career path.

Firstly, you need to understand the importance of the AR Caller in the US Healthcare system. The US Healthcare does not have a universal system for all and varies based on the economy and age of the individual. Also, healthcare coverages are offered by both public and private insurances.

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) plays a vital role in health insurance claims and management, which is an essential part of healthcare services. RCM helps the hospitals to provide treatments and manage their finances. AR Caller is responsible to check the pending claims with the insurance companies. They help healthcare providers to manage their finances on time.

AR caller job has lucrative advantages to consider the job as an option for a better career.

Satisfying Career

AR Calling is the career for someone who loves analyzing data and auditing reports. The AR caller has to analyze the summary of the account receivables, through which they can assess the receivables. Though the job seems like a routine from the follow-up with patients and insurance companies to managing claims and reports, every day is challenging with new problems. Your problem-solving skills are at most used in your career as an AR caller.

Work in the Growing Industry

As per the report of IBIS World, Medical Claims Processing Services (Medical Billing) Industry in the US has an average growth of 3.1% which is $4.3 billion from 2015-2020. Also, the industry is projected to grow to $12.44 billion by 2021, which is at the growth rate of 13.93%. When the industry is expected to grow at a faster rate, there is no fear of losing a job any sooner.

Higher Salary

The growing industry also means higher pay for the work. With experience and expertise comes attractive and high salary. Yet, freshers cannot expect the same as any other industry.

Outsourcing from the US

The healthcare industry of the US has an increasing demand for healthcare outsourcing, as they cannot meet the demands of the industry. The outsourcing market of the industry has a 9.38% year-on-year growth rate in 2020. This has created an opportunity for countries like India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, etc, where they can get quality and quantity of talents, to have more promising jobs.

Jumpstart you career

There are short-term courses and training available for anyone to jumpstart their career in AR calling. However, to sustain and thrive in the career advanced skills are required.

Valliappa Foundation, in association with Tech Mahindra Foundation, is conducting a three-month training program for AR Calling with 100% job assurance. Once you have passed the course successfully, you can be placed as an AR caller.

Join the training program by Valliappa Foundation to give a push to your career. AR calling is one of the best jobs to start your career with.