Medical Coding Training - Embark on a Brilliant Career with Valliappa Foundation

Medical Coding Training - Embark on a Brilliant Career with Valliappa

Medical coding involves the creation of alphanumeric codes to document and store patient information including medical diagnosis and the procedures carried out. Complete medical records of the patients will be created using procedure codes.

If you are a trained medical coder you should ensure that the codes are applied accurately in the process of medical coding and billing. The entire process involves giving accurate codes and managing claims, which the insurance carriers will pay.

New Trend in Medical Coding

The new trend that has surfaced in the vocational training sector involves educational institutions training candidates in corporate sectors. Education is no more an activity in silo where you get to forget all about your earning and focus exclusively on the vocation you set to pursue.

Today you can keep your job and get trained within the organization to climb your career ladder, while getting hikes and perks in your salary. Also, you get to learn a new skill that adds on to your resume and helps you in taking a step further in your career.

Job-based training programs are predominant in medical coding training and healthcare companies increasingly look for certified medical coders. This is because certification serves as an authentication for the technical skill sets. The companies usually provide a mix of theoretical classes and practical real-time work-ex to make you employable and market ready.

Valliappa Foundation’s Medical Coding Training

Valliappa Foundation is providing Medical Coding training based on live Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) applications and Electronic health Record (EHR) systems.

Valliappa Foundation has come up with a creative solution to provide long-lasting career with their Medical Coding training program. Selected candidates will be trained under Tech Mahindra Foundation’s Skills for Market Training (SMART) program.

Benefits of Getting Trained in Medical Coding

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says this is a highly on-demand job. This field is creating a lot of opportunities and young graduates can have a promising career by picking this course. It’s a short-term course providing various benefits. We are mentioning just 5 of them in this blog:

  1. It’s a highly on-demand job where professionals are getting good salary as well.
  2. The working hours are flexible where you can also work in night shifts or choose to work in the day time.
  3. There are multiple options of working either in a doctor’s office, a nursing home, OPDs or surgery centers.
  4. While you will be a healthcare professional, you don’t need to involve in blood-n-flesh treatment.
  5. Being short term courses, you can get the opportunity of working sooner.


Medical Coding training comes as a new hope for all those who feel jittery about having a career in healthcare sector. As we mentioned earlier, the market recession and world of advanced technology has made it very difficult for people to sustain their jobs. In this world of uncertainty, medical coding training provides you the promise of having a long-lasting career and opportunities to work for MNCs plus going abroad.

Currently, Valliappa Foundation in association with Tech Mahindra Foundation offers medical coding training in Chennai and Hyderabad. If you are looking for a short-term course with promising career opportunities (even chances of working abroad), this 4-month course is a good opportunity for you to take your life to a new dimension.