Things to Know if You Wish to Make a Career in Medical Coding

Things to Know if You Wish to Make a Career in Medical Coding

The healthcare industry is booming, and the need for relevant human resources is big! No wonder choosing Life Science subjects for completing graduation with a view to making a career in Medical Coding is a path that is gaining popularity among youngsters.

Pursuing a career as a Medical Coder is rewarding at many levels, be it financially, personally, ethically, or intellectually. Working in the healthcare and medical industry gives you ample job satisfaction and the opportunity to strike an almost perfect work-life balance.

Let us try to understand the whole deal better.

What do Medical Coders do?

Medical Coders update patients’ medical records using universal codes for data management and billing purposes. Their role is to help the healthcare industry function well – one of the reasons for feeling valuable and satisfied at work.

Their responsibilities include:

  • Transcribing patient data into accurate, standardized medical codes.
  • Examining medical documents and records to see if any information is missing.
  • Auditing the case charts.
  • Collecting, researching, and updating patients’ medical data.
  • Complying with guidelines and policies.

If that is a little too technical, let us present the facts in a more edible format for your benefit!


Being in the medical industry and helping people to get better care and support for their health brings an intrinsic pleasure to any human being. This adds to feeling valuable to humankind and being satisfied with the job.


While starting as a medical coder in India, you can expect a salary at par with that of the best of the industries. When you hone your skills and become an experienced medical coder, you can earn much more.

And medical coders who have certifications (CPC, CCA, etc.) are in a different league altogether!


When you are a fresher, you will join as a trainee. Your growth path would look like Medical Coder -> Senior Medical Coder -> Auditor -> Quality Analyst -> Senior Quality Analyst -> Team Leader and as a Team Leader, you are going to manage a team/s of people.

Job Security

Not fearing layoffs or being replaced by a human or a machine is a blissful state of life. Medical Coders have the luxury of being on demand throughout the year for their lifetime. Healthcare is a permanent necessity of mankind. And medical coders will always be needed in the Healthcare industry.

Statistics report that the jobs of medical coding specialists are projected to grow 7% from 2021 to 2031, and there will be a need for 14,900 more medical coders over this period.

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