The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has now turned from just being a concept, to literally a practice, on part of most of the organizations, either big or small. The fast paced Digital World, has made CSR, a mandatory exercise, for organizations, large or small as, the activities undertaken, as a part of an organization’s CSR initiates, have quite a bearing, on the company’s business prospects. Most of the companies these days have started treating CSR activities, as a way to generate that all important trust, internally amongst their own employees or externally, with their customers.

Team work makes dreams work. As such likeminded companies, tend to choose each other as CSR partners, in their joint effort, to achieve a common objective. CSR activities can range from an initiative into hospitality management all the way upto funding an entire new project or a business activity. However, finding the right CSR partner plays a very key role and quite a challenging task. In other words, two likeminded organizations, established and formidable, in their own business sectors, with smart, imaginative and intelligent people, can work wonders for both the organizations, in terms of achieving publicity and identity, in the broad business horizon. CSR partnerships and joint initiatives, go a long way, in helping both the organizations involved, feel a sense of achievement, having had an opportunity to contribute towards a better living environment.

The Valliappa Foundation, a part of the prestigious Sona Group, has been exceptional in engaging with some industry greats, across various sectors, as a part of their CSR initiatives, through people welfare programs, with an objective to provide more career options and opportunities, to talented and deserving candidates.